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Wellness Exam Specialist

J. Wesley Cook, DO

Family Practice & Osteopath located in Roscoe Village, Chicago, IL

Dr. Cook performs comprehensive annual physicals for patients in Roscoe Village and throughout the Chicago, IL, region, including medical tests and screenings to look for and treat diseases so patients can enjoy optimal health and wellness at every age.

Wellness Exam Q & A

Why is it important to have an annual physical exam?

Annual physicals provide your doctor with a wealth of information about your health especially as you get older so you can get the medical care you need to enjoy the best health possible while avoiding serious medical issues. Seeing the doctor every year means your doctor has an ongoing record of your health that can make it easier to spot subtle changes that could be an indication of an underlying disease. Plus, it ensures you receive important screening, immunizations and other treatments and guidance to help you stay well. Seeing the doctor every year also provides you with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any health-related concerns you may have.

What happens during a physical exam?

First, you'll need to fill out or update your medical history. Then, your weight will be measured and your blood pressure will be evaluated and recorded. Your height may also be recorded to determine your BMI (body mass index). The doctor will listen to your heart and lungs and look inside your ears and throat, as well as palpate (gently press) your belly to look for signs of swelling or tenderness. Other simple evaluations may also be performed depending on your health, age and other factors. You'll receive recommendations for testing or additional treatments as well as lifestyle guidance as needed. A prostate or clinical breast exam may also be performed.

What should I do to prepare for my physical?

Be ready to discuss your medical history and your family medical history so your doctor can look for risk factors that could make you more prone to certain diseases. Also have a list of any medications or supplements you're taking. If blood work or other tests have been ordered, be sure to have them completed a week or more beforehand so the doctor has the results ready for your exam.